STS-48 Incident

          On September 15, 1991, on the Space Shuttle Discovery while in orbit in Outer space, Video taken during mission STS-48 shows a flash of light and several objects that appear to be flying in an artificial or controlled fashion. NASA explained the objects as ice particles reacting to engine jets. Philip C. Plait discussed the issue in his book Bad Astronomy, agreeing with NASA. Dr. Jack Kasher analyzed the movement of the objects, and found five arguments that the footage could not depict ice particles. James Oberg disputed these findings. Lan Fleming analyzed the flash of light that preceded the abrupt change in the course of the objects, and concluded that the exhaust plume from one of the shuttle's reaction control system rockets could not have produced the flash of light. Mark J. Carlotto noted that one of the objects appeared to have a definite structure consisting of three lobes arranged in a triangular pattern. *source-